GMP kills

Big Pharma crushes competition with GMP
Why does it take ten years for a cure to reach the public?

Using their billion dollar lobby, in the 1970’s Big Pharmaceutical corporations got western governments to force GMP on us, to “make drugs safer,” but actually to block out competition.

GMP, “Good Manufacturing Practice” is often dangerous.  Its can cost tens of millions and a decade to achieve GMP, so small firms with effective, inexpensive treatments have no chance.

GMP often forces companies to build products artificially in the E.Coli bacteria, rather than use the natural source. Or to plug amino acids together by hand to build a peptide. That’s a part protein, never seen in the human body before, so testing can easily be scores of millions, when the natural source was quite safe.

Then it’ll take more scores of millions to get it approved.

At some stage the small company will have to persuade a big pharmaceutical to take over, because there is no way they can afford it themselves.

The big pharmaceutical with then either make the profits, or more likely, not make it available to the public, as there are far more profitable drugs, that don’t work as well, or do nothing. And the last thing a pharmaceutical wants to do is to reduce future profits by curing people.

These are the pointless, destructive, massively expensive and dangerous steps government forces small companies to go through, by using GMP to protect Big Pharma’s monopolies.

That’s why cures can take decades to reach the public, or, more often, never see the light of day.

By denying the public quick access to effective, safe treatments, GMP has killed millions of people since 1978.

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